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The thruth is ...

Worldwide, more than 150 million people would need a pair of glasses, but can not afford it. They can not learn, can not work and can not provide for their families.


The Start

When I came to Germany for my voluntary year my host family told my about this project. In the same moment I knew I wanted to join it.
With the help of my host family// the Bistum Limburg // Jugendkirche JONA and St. Bonifatius I arranged a workshop on a Sunday afternoon where I presented how the glasses are produced and where I explained how important the project could be for my country. For more information you can visit the OneDollarGlasses website: www.onedollarglasses.com

A solution might be ...

The OneDollarGlasses trys to avoid that. Those glasses consist of a lightweight, flexible spring steel frame and prefab lenses and can be locally manufactured with simple bending machines. The material costs:  approximately 1 US $

This project is aimed to help people who can not afford glasses because they are cheap and affordable for everyone. One dollars glasses is an NGO, founded in germany by MARTIN AUFMUTH and it‘s aim is to help countries with people who cannot afford to buy a pair of glasses (lens) and also create employment to the young people in developing countries.


How the OneDollarGlasses are produced

This is the simple machine which is used to create the OneDollarGlasses and all the materials inside. This machine is easy and simple to learn and so once this project is introduced to Zambia interested young people can be trained, how to bend the glasses and they will be helping people with eye problem meanwhile they are also helping themselves interms of employmentand being self sustainable in life. 

There is far more to say about the production of these glasses and the scenes behind. Please look for more information here

www.EinDollarBrille.de or send an email at rg-rhein-main@bistumonedollarglasseslimburg.org 

Why is it so important to me?

The first weeks I was here in Germany my host family realized that I needed glasses for myself. We went to the optitian and he helped me to find out the glasses thats fits most. The first time looking through my own glasses felt so strange and I needed some time to get used to wear them. But from then on I could not imagine to live without them because working, reading, driving with the bike, ... is quite easier when you are able to see clear and sharp.

Imagine now that some younger people, even at my age, have been dropped out of school because they couldn't see properly. My aim is to help them and to support all of the people (children, youths and elders) in my country who cannot afford to buy glasses. Unfortunately in Zambia we don't have this project for OneDollarGlasses but so many people have got sight  problems and can't afford to buy glasses because they are expensive. The prices of glasses in Zambia are from 500 kwacha to 2500 kwacha (35 - 200 €). For some people it really is difficult to buy glasses at these prices. I feel the OneDollarGlasses project can work out in zambia too just like in some other african nations. But we have to face a lot of challenges before we establish the OneDollarGlasses in Zambia. Especially to garantuee and to keep a good quality of the glasses there has to be an extensive traineeship for the employees to produce the glasses . We also have to talk to the health authority in Zambia. This can not be done in a short time. But the regional Group Rhein-Main of the OneDollarGlasses Project wants to support me.


What the future brings ...

In August I will go back to Zambia and at least I try to kick off first steps to realise the OneDollarGlasses project in my country.

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